On January 23, North Star Initiative came to share about their important work in helping victims of human trafficking. *Brief mentions of abuse and sexual assault

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Capture a Moment:
The pastor's weekly update

(a weekly update by Marlin, our Sr. Pastor, regarding
church announcements and highlights from his daily life)

Church Office: 717.687.5118


Congregational meeting

Our annual congregational meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 25 at 7 pm. Everyone is invited and Timberline Partners are encouraged to come.


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
We're putting together a fun fellowship event called 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' on Sunday, Feb 6. During the month of January, you can sign up to be a guest or a host. We'll assign guests to hosts, and on the day of the event, the host will know how many people are coming over, but not who it is. Guests will be sent the address of their host, but not their name. It's a fun way to have a fellowship meal, spread out amongst people's home. You can sign up Sunday morning by filling out a form and dropping it in the offering, or by emailing the office (we need to know whether you want to be a guest or host, how many people are in your family or how many people you can host, and your phone number).
**There is a host who cannot host on Feb 6 but would be willing on Jan 30 to host 6-8 who also can not do Feb 6. If you are interested in this, contact the office.


Young Adults Retreat
The 2022 YA Retreat will be February 18-20. The cost is $95. It's going to be a great weekend of relaxing, hanging out, and input from Tim and Natalie Ornelas about Sabbath. If you are interested in going, talk to Albert Jon Beyer, Lela Fredricks, Sean and Krista McDowell, or Lindsay Putney.


Marriage Retreat
The 2022 Marriage Retreat will be March 18-20 at the Holiday Inn & Suites (correction from last week) on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. Our speakers are George & Denise Davis. George is a former VP of Evangelical Theological Seminary, and currently an executive pastor at a church in Vineland, NJ. The initial $100 will be due by Jan 30 and the remaining $250 due March 6. There is a sign up sheet.


Bible Quizzing Update
Timberline had a great first week of Bible quizzing! The team won two out of three matches (and narrowly lost the third, by only 5 points). Ryan and Deanna both had quiz-outs, and Carissa and Landon also contributed points! This week the team will be quizzing at Hinkletown Mennonite at 6:30 pm.


'Lifeonaire' Connection Group starting
Patrick Meck is leading a Connection Group that is kicking off in February, meeting on Sunday afternoons. The group is going to be talking about Christian principles for living an abundant and prosperous life, based on the book 'Lifeonaire'. There is a sign up sheet at the cafe.


25 - Congregational Meeting @ 7 pm
6 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner @ 1:00 pm
18-20 - Young Adults retreat
18-20 - Marriage Retreat
26-Apr 2 - Guatemala Trip



Elders' Prayer

The Elders meet monthly for a time of intercessory prayer for Timberline. If you have a special need or if you desire to be anointed, please contact one of our pastors and we will arrange a time for you to meet with us.

If you would like prayer, there will be a time at the end of each service where someone will pray with you.  The prayer box is open any time for you to write out your prayer requests and answers to prayer.


Announcements Deadline
Please have all announcements to Lindsay Putney
by Wednesday evening. You may email her at: info@timberlinechurchpa.com or leave a message at the church office, 717.687.5118 (voice mailbox #2).



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