Why the Bible?:

Why have Christians picked the Bible as their book?  How did it come about?  Is it reliable?  Can I trust it?  Should I allow it to influence my decisions?  Is it the last word?  Buckle up for this brand new five-part series of messages shared by five churches over the next weeks. 

**Some mobile platforms have trouble playing the audio files. Playing the audio from a computer increases playback reliability.

1. Why the Bible?
Marlin Nafziger - April 15, 2018
MP3 audio file [19.0 MB]
2. Isn't that just your interpretation? How we interpret the Bible
Amos Stoltzfus (Rockville) - April 22, 2018
MP3 audio file [19.6 MB]
3. Unifying Threads - Is the Bible One Book or Two?
Dave Klingensmith (Sandy Hill) - April 29, 2018
MP3 audio file [18.4 MB]
4. How did we get the Bible?
Ken Nafziger (Timberline) - May 6, 2018
MP3 audio file [16.1 MB]
5. Who says?
Jesse Johnson (Media) - May 13, 2018
MP3 audio file [18.8 MB]
6. If it's true, it isn't new
Merv Charles (Mt. Vernon) - May 20, 2018
MP3 audio file [18.9 MB]
7. Why the Bible? Concluding remarks
Marlin Nafziger - May 27, 2018
MP3 audio file [20.6 MB]

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