The Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Faith

The Spiritual Disciplines are a lot like physical exercise. We know they are important, we know they are good for us, and we know that we should do them. But if we are honest how many people really get excited for either! Could it be that part of the problem is a misunderstanding of the meaning, purpose and practice of the Spiritual Disciplines? We will be starting an ongoing look at how the Spiritual practices of the Christian life aren’t about human will power and effort to achieve self righteousness, but rather the discipline and practice of making space for God to move and act within our lives. 

January 2: Giving

January 19: Fasting

We did not have regular worship services on January 9, but Pastor Benji shared a word on fasting to help us kick off our annual Prayer & Fasting week

January 16: Feasting

Part 2

September 18 - Sabbath 

September 25 - Simplicity

October 2 - Silence & Solitude

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