Strangely Dim

In the chorus of an old gospel hymn we find these words, 'And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace'. These words sparked the title of our worship sermon series, 'Strangely Dim', because worship is perpetually about Jesus and all things pale in comparison. 


What is worship? How do we worship and what does worship require of us?

Let's discover it together.

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1. Worship is Interactive
Marlin Nafziger - January 7, 2018
MP3 audio file [26.8 MB]
2. Worship Requires Preparation
Benji Martin - January 14, 2018
MP3 audio file [19.1 MB]
3. Worship is Warfare
Marlin Nafziger - January 21, 2018
MP3 audio file [23.9 MB]
4. Worship as Posture
Benji Martin - January 28, 2018
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5. Worship is a Way of Life
Marlin Nafziger - February 4, 2018
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