Purity: Not just for God's sake

Purity is safe, impurity is risky. Purity helps us, impurity hurts us. Purity is smart, impurity is stupid. Purity brings joy, impurity deprives us of joy. I’m not an exception, you’re not an exception, there are no exceptions. ‘Purity: Not just for God’s sake’ will be our focus for the month of January.


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1. Purity: Is in our best interest
Marlin Nafziger - January 6, 2019
MP3 audio file [18.0 MB]
2. If we act naturally, we are toast
Benji Martin - January 13, 2019
MP3 audio file [16.5 MB]
3. We are only as sick as our deepest secret
Marlin Nafziger - January 20, 2019
MP3 audio file [16.6 MB]
4. Put your sneakers on and run!
Marlin Nafziger - January 27, 2019
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