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1 Peter: Far From Home (Feb-April 2022)

Our world has changed - a lot! Christians today are feeling more than ever that this world is not our home. We feel confused, displaced, unsure and fearful. How do we navigate this post Christian, increasingly hostile world we find ourselves in?- I Peter brings words of hope, encouragement and

                               instruction to Believer’s living far from home.

Finally Home (April-May 2022)

This world is not our home. We are just passing through, we are vagabonds and strangers. If this is true - then where is our home and what is it like? What is it we are waiting for? And what are we going to do about it in the meantime? We talk much of heaven, but what do we know about our future

                                home? What does the Bible really have to say and what difference should it

                                make in our lives today?

Timberline's Clarion Call (June 2022)

Our current sermon series is focusing on the 'Clarion Call' of Timberline Church: Receiving God's Love, Rebuilding Relationships, Restoring the World. We could have preached a sermon series on each of the elements, but decided to have some of our Timberliners share testimony about                                           what this has meant in their own lives. Join us as we discover how we can

                                   all live this Clarion Call together.

The Upside Down Kingdom (July-Aug 2022)

A sermon series exploring the Beattiudes. 

Stand Alone Sermons

Missions Sunday - september 11, 2021

Guest Speaker: Cyrus Mad-Bondo

Easter Sunday - April 4, 2021

The Problem with the World - Marlin Nafziger

Baptism Sunday - July 11, 2021

From Chaos to Order - Benji Martin

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Adoption Sundays

Sandy Axe Service
January 13, 2020
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