Bucket Offerings

It  is a grievous sacred moment… 

when we come face to face with the reality that North American Christians spend  97.4% of what we earn on ourselves and the 2.6% that we do give away… is primarily used to do church on Sunday morning.


We believe this picture needs to change!


So here at Timberline we developed the Bucket Offering.

Each week we decide to eat less so that others can eat period. Money saved from fasting a meal each week, or skipping out on luxuries like eating out or morning lattes, goes into our Bucket Offering to aid causes of extreme poverty.


Currently, our long term Bucket Offering initiative is to partner with the Total Village Transformation Project through World Help and Hope of Life. 


In 2017 we began partnering with Piedras Negras. Since the beginning of 2017, we have been able to raise over money to provide much needed new classrooms, bathrooms, playground equipment, a health clinic for the the village, and food support during the Coronavirus pandemic! We had the privilege of sending 5 teams of people from Timberline down to Guatemala to help work on the projects and meet the leaders and people of the village.


In 2022 we concluded our partnership with Piedras Negras and began working with the village of El Mirador. Right away we had the opportunity to sponsor students from the village to help support the school and families of that community. We are excited to partner with all the future the projects Hope of Life has lined up for them!



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