Article I. Name
The Name of this corporation is "The Church at Timberline" trading as Timberline Church.

Article II. Purpose
We believe Timberline Church is a unique congregation consisting of individuals that God has brought together to do specific acts of worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship and discipleship, as stated in the Great Commandments and the Great Commission.

Article III. Principle Office
The office of Timberline Church is located at:
30 Timber Lane, Strasburg, PA 17579

Article IV. Membership
Timberline Church does not have members as defined by the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law. It is a Congregation as outlined in Article V.

Article V. The Congregation

Section 1. Composition
The congregation includes those individuals who have committed themselves to attend the weekly services of Timberline Church on a regular basis. This will include individuals who have a faith relationship with Jesus Christ, those who are actively seeking God, as well as those still searching for meaning in life.

Section 2. Responsibilities
Anyone searching for truth or meaning in life is welcome at the weekly services. Those individuals committed to regular attendance:

  1. Shall respect the core values and the statement of faith.

  2. Shall prayerfully support the pastoral staff and the Elder Board.

  3. Are expected to give their tithe to the local church.

  4. Shall follow Biblical principles when dealing with sin and conflict.

  5. Are encouraged to give constructive feedback to the Elder Board at any time.

  6. Shall make attendance at congregational meetings a high priority

  7. May approve amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws

Section 3. Congregational Meetings
Congregational meetings may be called by the elders at various times and intervals with adequate notification. While these meetings may be called for a variety of reasons, the elders specifically desire the counsel and input of the congregation in regards to:

  1. Elder nominations to the Elder Board.

  2. The annual budget.

  3. Candidates for the senior pastor position.

  4. Major financial and real-estate decisions.

  5. Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws.

Section 4. Discipline
Scripture teaches that we are to be self disciplined. When relationships are broken or individuals fall into sin, the principles outlined in Mathew 18:15-20 are to be followed. Those who attend regularly are accountable to the elders and may be disciplined for the following reasons:

  1. Promotion of discord within the body.

  2. Lack of harmony with the teaching and ministry of the church.

  3. Living a lifestyle that shows disregard for the Word of God and/or dishonors Jesus Christ.

Article VI. Directors and Officers
The Directors of this corporation shall be the Elder Board. The Officers will include the senior pastor as chairman; and a secretary and treasurer designated by the Elder Board.

Article VII. The Elder Board

Section 1. Qualifications of Elders

  1. Shall be men who demonstrate a high level of commitment to Timberline Church, are actively involved in ministry, and satisfy the New Testament qualifications of an elder.

  2. May be removed by the Board of Elders for moral failure.

Section 2. Composition and Organization

  1. Elder candidates shall be nominated by the Board of Elders or the congregation, processed and approved by the Elder Board.

  2. Elders shall serve for a term of three years. An individual may serve multiple consecutive terms.

  3. The Elder Board shall include the elders, the senior pastor, and members of the pastoral staff designated by the Elder Board.

  4. The number of elders for the congregation will be determined by the Elder Board.

  5. They will self organize

  6. They are to meet regularly, but at least nine times a year.

Section 3. Responsibilities

  1. Serve as the directors of the corporation.

  2. Oversee and direct the affairs of the church.

  3. Hire the senior pastor

  4. Oversee the finances of the church

  5. Oversee all positions as needed to fulfill our vision

  6. Oversee the ministry of the Word through Biblical preaching and teaching.

  7. Shepherd the flock.

  8. Be worthy examples.

  9. Mediate, advise, and settle disputes.

  10. Pray for and anoint the sick.

Article VIII. The Senior Pastor

  1. Shall be a man who meets the New Testament qualifications for an elder.

  2. With counsel and input from the congregation he will be processed, approved, and hired by the Elder Board for an indefinite term. The senior pastor can be removed for moral failure, or if the Elder Board determines by a three-fourths vote that removal is in the best interests of the ministry of Timberline Church.

  3. Is the spiritual overseer of the church and is to work with the Elder Board to provide the primary vision and direction for the congregation.

  4. Is responsible to implement the vision and mission of the church.

  5. Is a member of the Elder Board and will serve as its chairman.

  6. Is responsible to hire and oversee all pastoral and administrative staff.

Article IX. Directors` Liability
No director of the corporation shall be personally liable for monetary damages for any action, or any failure to take action, unless the director has breached or failed to perform the duties of his office under Subchapter 57B of the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law (relating to standard of care and justifiable reliance); and the breach or failure to perform constitutes self dealing, willful misconduct, or recklessness.

Article X. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.

Article XI. Amendments
No amendment should be made to these By-Laws that is contrary to the spirit and intent of the Constitution of Timberline Church. Any amendment to these Bylaws shall be recommended by the Board of Elders and approved by a 75% majority vote of the congregation present at a congregational meeting. The congregation shall receive at least two weeks notice, which shall include the proposed amendments.

Article XII. Dissolution
In the event that Timberline Church is dissolved or sold, it is prohibited to use any surplus funds for private increment to the elders, the senior pastor, or any other individual. Any surplus funds will be given to another church or religious non-profit, tax-exempt organization with similar values and beliefs designated by the Elder Board.


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