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Prayer: More than Change (Jan 2020)

Does prayer change the world? Does it change God's mind? Does it change me? Is prayer even about change? Maybe prayer is about more than change. Tune for a few weeks of a "back to the basics" series on how and why we converse with the Creator!

Caught in the Crosshairs (Feb 2020)

Satan has a plan to take us out.  His tactics and strategies are custom designed for each nation community, church, family and individual. We have sensed there are four specific attacks that have been leveled on Timberline Church and so we are calling our Church family to be strong in the LORD, pray, stand firm and get ready for war!

Easter from Isaiah (Mar - April 2020)

Our "Church from Home" series leading up to Easter during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Psalms of the Spirit (May-June 2020)

Our Summer series focused on the Psalms.

For Such a Time as This (July-Aug 2020)

2020 happened: COVID 19, stimulus checks, down time, masks, Sunday Mornings at home, racial tensions, police reform and then there are the big questions: Now what? Who cares? Where do we turn to? There is an ancient song that gives us answers. 'The Bible stands like a rock undaunted mid the raging storms of time'. 

What Made Jesus Mad (Sept-Oct 2020)

What made Jesus mad?  What caused him to raise his voice and drive people around with a bullwhip? Why would Jesus ever be reduced to flat out damn some and call others names like stupid, unmarked graves, and hopeless frauds.  Jesus came first and foremost to provide his people with direct access to God, so anything that can against that...made Jesus mad!

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Sandy Axe Service
January 13, 2020
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