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Psalms of the Spirit (July-September 2018)

The Psalms have an uncanny way of speaking to our spirit and capturing the reality of our emotions, our feelings, our attitudes and personal interests. Join us as we dive into the rich themes of the book of Psalms this summer.

SHAPE (October-November 2018)

Every believer has a unique SHAPE that has been formed in advance for us by God. During October and November of this year our messages will present challenges that will help us discover where we fit into God's plan and purpose.

The Christmas Scandal (December 2018)

Michael card refers to the Christmas Story as a’ homeless king, born in a barn, wrapped in rags and asleep in a trough’. Unfortunately, over the years we have turned the barn into a mall and the story into a fairy tale. The ‘Christmas Scandal’, takes us on a realistic journey from Tears to Joy,         to Hope to Amazement.

Purity: Not just for God's sake (January 2019)

Purity is safe, impurity is risky. Purity helps us, impurity hurts us. Purity is smart, impurity is stupid. Purity brings joy, impurity deprives us of joy. I’m not an exception, you’re not an exception, there are no exceptions. ‘Purity: Not just for God’s sake’ will be our focus for the month of January.

Stand Alone Sermons

The Passion of My Heart
Keith Sensenig - March 10, 2019
MP3 audio file [17.4 MB]
Modesty: a matter of posture
Marlin Nafziger - March 3, 2019
MP3 audio file [18.1 MB]
Heaven is a Wonderful Place
Marlin Nafziger - December 30, 2018
MP3 audio file [17.8 MB]
Adoption Sunday 2018
Lee & Kris Kauffman and Jay & Heidi Scott - Sept 9, 2018
MP3 audio file [20.9 MB]
The Hard Sell of Belief
Marlin Nafziger - April 1, 2018, Easter Sunday
MP3 audio file [12.3 MB]
Love that Motivates
Benji Martin - February 18, 2018
MP3 audio file [16.9 MB]
Changing Nehemiah
Benji Martin - February 11, 2018
MP3 audio file [30.2 MB]
Additional testimonies from Worship Sunday
February 11, 2018
additional testimonies.mp3
MP3 audio file [8.7 MB]
Jesus as our Rabbi
Keith Sensenig - December 31, 2017
MP3 audio file [18.9 MB]
The God of Money
Ken Nafziger - December 3, 2017
MP3 audio file [25.6 MB]
Guatemala 2017 Trip Update
Guatemala Team - October 1, 2017
service_100117_Guatemala team.mp3
MP3 audio file [35.4 MB]
Adoption Sunday: Living a Legacy
Todd Stewart - September 17, 2017
service_091717_Adoption Sunday.mp3
MP3 audio file [40.0 MB]
Baptism 2017
Marlin Nafziger - July 23, 2017
MP3 audio file [58.3 MB]

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