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Penny for Your Thoughts (May-June 2019)

What do people think about during the day? What is on our minds when we actually have time to think? What significant questions do we ponder? 'Penny for your thoughts' explores six challenging questions that we grapple with and each challenge takes us to a story in the Bible.

The Face of God (Sept-Oct 2019)

God has many names in the Bible. And each of his names shows us a piece of his character - a piece of who he is. By knowing his names, we can come to know who he is. So join us in exploring and learning The Face of God. 

The DNA of Relationships (Nov-Dec 2019)

Gary Smalley writes in his book, The DNA of Relationships, ‘Life is relationships; the rest is just details.’ If this is true, why do relationships become so complicated and often end in pain and frustration? 

Prayer: More than Change (Jan 2020)

Does prayer change the world? Does it change God's mind? Does it change me? Is prayer even about change? Maybe prayer is about more than change. Tune for a few weeks of a "back to the basics" series on how and why we converse with the Creator!

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Sandy Axe Service
January 13, 2020
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