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An introduction to the current staff at Timberline Church


Senior Pastor

Marlin Nafziger loves God and loves people. He enjoys ‘thumping music’, volleyball, chocolate chip cookies and ping pong. He has always had a passion to build relationships with those that are in need, and leading Timberline since its inception has opened the door to many opportunities.



Marlin, his wife Lisa and their three daughters live in the country surrounded by trees, a stream and a pond. His approach to ministry is simple, practical and straightforward. He is more concerned that people grasp the messages than that they are wowed by flash, fashion or flair.


Associate Pastor

Benji Martin









Worship Leader

Nicole Waltman









Children's Ministry Directors

 Bethany Kauffman has an incredible zeal for teaching children and watching them learn and grow. She believed that God can use children of any age in amazing ways! Her dream for the children at Timberline is that they become convinced that they are never too young to know and serve God. Bethany enjoys making beaded necklases and participating in active water and snow sports with her husband Marv.


Margaret Huber loves seeing the children of Timberline growing closer to God and building relationships with one another. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband Chris - especially time spent gardening, camping, or at the beach. 

Jr. High

 Perky Fredricks.

Youth Ministry

Keith Sensenig.









Administrative Assistant

Lindsay Putney loves her job! She grew up going to Timberline and loves seeing week to week how God works through it.


Lindsay doesn't really have that many hobbies (wait...people  have time for those?!) But she and her husband Caleb are of relative average cool-ness and enjoy most of the things that relatively average cool people do. Lindsay does love books, movies, and music that tell good stories, as well as hearing stories about people's lives and what God is doing. Lucky for her, coffeeshops (which she also loves) and stories are a match made it heaven, and more often than not she gets to enjoy them together.

Timberline is located at
30 Timber Lane, Strasburg, PA 17579
(former Timberline Lodges)

Office: 717-687-5118

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